Double-deck system ATD

Double-deck system ATD

The ATD double-deck system optimises how you use your space and is also suitable for securing loads in box vans. Its second level makes it ideal for transporting loads of different heights as well as goods that cannot be stacked. The beam function is selected so that the loading beam can be moved upwards in 25-mm increments yet can still be securely locked in position. The pallets are simply placed on the loading beams. If they are not being used, the beams can be stowed under the roof to save space.
Product data sheet

ATD I Airline track, single
- 520077-19

ATD I Airline track double
- 520177-19

ATD I Airline track single, glueable
- 520820-19

ATD I Airline track double, glueable
- 520821-19